Submit comments on revised proposed policy on open access for theses and dissertations

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To: UC Santa Cruz CommunityFrom: Lori Kletzer, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate StudiesDecember 04, 2018The Office of the President invites comments on a revised proposed Presidential Policy on Open Access for Theses and Dissertations.
Numerous submissions were made in response to the draft policy during the first system-wide review. Reviewers provided a number of different suggestions for improving the draft policy. This revised draft is responsive to those comments and addresses the following key issues:
There is currently no system-wide uniformity or policy for ensuring open access to UC graduate students’ theses and dissertations. This policy will provide system-wide consistency for these works.
Allowance for embargoes that delay the date theses or dissertations are made available in an open access repository.
Length of Embargo Period
Approval of Extended Embargo Period
Opt-In and Opt-Out Provisions
The timing of first System-wide Review
Campus-specific policies
The proposed new policy is available online.
Those who wish to provide comments on the proposed policy may submit them to the UC Santa Cruz Policy Coordination Office at by close of business April 26, 2019.

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