Successful fund-raiser leads to much-needed surgeries for Fogo


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Successful fund-raiser leads to much-needed surgeries for Fogo

Photos and Story by Janis Nichols |

PCC Veterinary Technology students and Fogo.
Last month, the goal was to raise $800 for surgeries for a dear friend who had crippling knee pain and mobility issues. Instead, the fund-raising event at a Hillsboro-area dog wash company raised $2,000.
The dear friend? It’s Fogo, the much-loved special needs Labrador Retriever, who is now on the mend.
“Fogo was part of our program last fall and that is how we came to meet him,” said Dolores Galindo, Veterinary Technology Program instructor. “He is a very, very sweet dog who was born with terrible knees and he had previously ruptured both back leg cruciate ligaments that made it difficult for him to walk. Being a Labrador Retriever, he really needed those knees.”
Thanks to the money raised at that dog wash, a local veterinarian was able to perform two surgeries at a discounted rate. Now, Fogo is currently undergoing laser therapy once a week as he maintains his weight with foods like eggs, beef and yogurt. Once he fully recovers, the five-year-old will be readied for adoption.
Fogo’s team in the Vet Tech Program, which is based at the Rock Creek Campus, will determine when he is ready to meet his new family.  Thanks to a caring group of program student volunteers, that time will come sooner than later.
Student volunteers at the Hillsboro Elegant Dog dog wash where they raised $2,000 for a four-legged friend in need.

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