Summer School – To Take or Not to Take

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Are you a student and curious why summer school is worth the investment? Academic Dean for Rasmussen College – Brooklyn Park, MN college campus, Brooks Doherty, shares tips in newest installment of “Raise Your Hand,” a video blog series on college success tips.  Transcript Brooks Doherty: Hello, and welcome to Rasmussen College’s Raise Your Hand video blog. I’m Brooks Doherty. Today we’ll look at the benefits of taking summer college courses. When students are in the K-12 system, they’re trained for those 13 years to learn for 9 months out of the year and then take 3 months off and have some fun. Well, when you reach the higher education level, there are numerous benefits to taking summer college courses and learning year-round. Benefit number one is on-time or even early graduation. Most college students enter college with a personal and professional goal in mind. If you take summer college courses, year-round college courses, you will reach that goal faster. Benefit number two is retention of the information. Going to school nine months out of the year, taking three months off, the odds are you will lose a lot of the information that you gained over those nine months. Taking college courses in the summer will help you retain that. Benefit number three is preparation for the workplace. College is not just about exploring information. It’s also about learning skills and behaviors that are going to benefit you once you once you reach your career. Odds are, whatever career you land, you’re not going to be working eight or nine months out of the year. You’re going to be working year-round, so take the college experience as an opportunity to learn that best behavior for your profession. That is it for this edition of the Raise Your Hand video blog. If you do have questions or comments on this edition or any suggestions …

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