‘Super Size Me’ star’s restaurant takes unexpected turn

The Lantern Please follow and like us:Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock attends the grand opening of his new restaurant Holy Chicken! on November 19 in Columbus, Ohio. Credit: Courtesy of Jeff Vespa
It is a fast food experience unlike any other. At least that is what “Super Size Me” creator and documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, told The Lantern last Wednesday. Spurlock’s pop-up restaurant, Holy Chicken!, opened on Saturday and will end its trial run on Tuesday.
Although some might have expected the former McDonald’s regular would create a healthy haven for the foodies of Columbus, this was not the case. The restaurant located at 2405 Shrock Rd. is decorated with signs depicting the science behind fast food marketing.
The purpose is to provide customers with a completely honest experience within the fast food industry, Spurlock said.
“We’re going to tell you what goes on in the fast food business and food industry in a way that just hasn’t happened before now,” he said. “We are so open and transparent and I think that’s what people are a little taken aback by.”
The restaurant features facts about the process chickens go through and the reality of the “health halo.” This term has been used to describe when unhealthy foods are viewed as healthy by being associated with terms such as “free-range”, “cage-free” and “artisanal.” The main menu item, the chicken sandwich is actually 860 calories, more than the McDonald’s Big Mac’s 563.
“All the food has a ‘health halo.’ It’s not a vegetarian restaurant, it’s not grilled chicken, it’s a grilled crispy chicken (sandwich),” Spurlock said. “We put that name on there, ultimately, to make you aware that or give you the idea that maybe it’s healthier than it is, which is the whole idea of the health halo.”
Diagrams decorate the walls at Holy Chicken! at 2405 …

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