Swim floats to the top, coming away from doubleheader with wins

Daily Bruin Coach Cyndi Gallagher reached her 200th career win Friday.
UCLA swim (7-0) faced UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego in their second doubleheader of the season and walked away with a win.
Many of the swimmers received season-best times, which Gallagher said can be attributed to the hard work seen during winter training. UCLA topped UCSB 160.50-95.50 and UCSD 182-74.
“They’re being students of the sport,” Gallagher said. “They’re executing the things and everything is really coming together.”
Junior Kenisha Liu clinched a season-best time in the 100-yard butterfly of 54.35.
“At dual meets, it kind of feels like our job to win these events,” Liu said. “So when I finally won, I was like, OK, I did my job.”
Liu was also one of the top finishers in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:03.62.
In the 200-yard butterfly, junior Amy Okada almost broke the 2-minute mark with a time of 2:00.16, receiving first place. She improved from her time since Monday by about one second.
Freshman Abriana Howard also won her first collegiate event with a 2:00.92 in the 200-yard backstroke.
“I took it fast but smooth and worked on my underwater kicks,” Howard said. “And I guess it worked pretty well.”
Senior Sandra Soe and freshman Katie Sulkevich both competed in the 500-yard freestyle. Soe received her second-best time of the season, of 4:51.96 to win first place and Sulkevich clinched her season-best time of 5:00.13 to win second place.
Soe also competed in the 1,000-yard freestyle She broke a 10-minute mark, receiving a time of 9:52.69. Sulkevich also competed in this event, coming in second place.
Senior Emma Schanz picked up two wins in the 100-yard backstroke and 200-yard IM with times of 54.37 and 2:01.47, respectively. Schanz also raced in the 100-yard butterfly for the first time this year, receiving third place with a time of 55.03.
“Winter training was a …

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