Talking with Teachers Effectively

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Effectively talking with your teachers is a major part of having a successful college course experience. Brooks Doherty shares a few quick tips on this episode of Raise Your Hand.You can view this episode of Raise Your Hand and many more videos on the Rasmussen College YouTube channel. Transcript Hello, and welcome to Rasmussen College’s Raise Your Hand video blog. I’m Brooks Doherty. Today we’ll be discussing tips for communicating with your college faculty. Talking with teachers can be an intimidating task especially for new students in large college classroom settings and online college classroom settings. Intimidating though it may be, it’s important to remember that communicating openly and often with your instructor is critical. It’s critical because there is no one who can tell you about the expectations for success in your classroom better than your instructor. If you do have an issue or a problem with your grade or lecture or something like that, there’s no one who can fix that problem more efficiently and effectively than that instructor. So, two basic tips for you today. One is express professionalism at all times. If you are frustrated, or on the other side of the coin if you feel like you are friendly with your instructor, always be professional. Consider every interaction with that instructor an exercise for the professional communication that you will have to exhibit when you’re in the workplace. Tip number two, avoid email at all times. Sometimes email is necessary, especially for those of you learning at a distance. But whenever possible, use the phone and interpersonal face-to-face communication with your instructor. There is no better technique than phone or interpersonal communication for telling your story and conversely for your instructor to understand your story. So, two tips, professionalism at all times and avoid email whenever possible. Those are tips for talking with your …

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