Tapingo creates frustration at Swoops

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Illustration by Linlin Xing

By Eric Long, Editor-In-ChiefJanuary 24, 2016Filed under News, Showcase

The food-ordering app Tapingo changed how Dining Services does business and is a convenience for students, but there are still kinks to work out.
The app was introduced to Eastern last spring and while the start was slow, the app’s popularity quickly grew.
“It was just a surprise how many people were going through the app. It was a slow trickle, we didn’t really see anything at first, and all of a sudden it just came,” interim manager at The Roost Golden Lawrence said.
While he cannot give a number, Lawrence said the percentage of Tapingo orders, out of all orders, is sufficient for Dining Services.
“We started looking at [Tapingo] four years ago when it was new and we saw some real flaws in the system, so we waited a couple of years until they updated it,” Director of Dining Services Dave McKay said.
According to McKay, one of the bigger issues seen in the first generation was with queuing. He said there was no buffer zone, or processing. “As soon as the machine accepts your order, it accepts my order and it wouldn’t start trying to buffer,” he said.
He said Dining Services has worked with the Tapingo company and advances have been made.
According to Casey Weaver-Burdett, a lead worker at Swoops, one of the bigger issues found is that the system sometimes lags and so when a student notices their order has not shown up in the system, the wait time grows. Wait time plus the time it takes to cook the food adds to the ordeal.
“That’s a 30 minute ticket in a supposedly fast-food place, so that’s unacceptable by my book,” Weaver-Burdett said.
While lag is one issue that pops up, the amount of students ordering through the …

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