Teach in 12 student hopes to bring passion for the outdoors into a classroom setting

UMSL Daily

Bobby Schultz, who is getting his teacher certification through the UMSL College of Education’s Teach in 12 program, has held a variety of jobs since earning his bachelor’s degree, including a stint as a sea kayak guide in Alaska. (Photos courtesy of Bobby Schultz)
Bobby Schultz had long wanted to go back to school to get his teaching certification. Things just kept getting in the way.
Like in 2011, when he landed a job tracking bears in Glacier National Park for the Northern Continental Divide Grizzly Bear Project. Or in 2015, when he again gave serious consideration to starting a postgraduate education program only to get pulled away to a gig as a sea kayak guide in Alaska.
He wanted to be a teacher. The call of the wild was just too strong.
This August, after six months studying goshawks in Pennsylvania, he finally enrolled in the University of Missouri–St. Louis College of Education’s Teach in 12 certification program, with an expected graduation date of December 2019. He wants to become a high school biology teacher.
A St. Louis native, Schultz plans to migrate back home soon for his year of in-school practicum teaching at one of UMSL’s studio school partners in the area. But that doesn’t mean he can’t fit in a couple more salamander-tagging sessions with his friend in Pennsylvania before he does.
“Something I care about a lot is conservation,” Schultz said. “I’m a huge believer that people aren’t going to care about things unless you teach them about it. What originally got me even thinking about environmental stuff was what my teachers had taught me. More than anything, I want to teach because I want to inspire the next generation to care.”
You’d be hard-pressed to find a science teacher with a more varied work history than Schultz.
“Wouldn’t you …

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