The 6 Most Important Internship Tips & Takeaways

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Congratulations, you finally scored that internship! Now you’ll be able to learn more about a field you might want to pursue … and you might even make a little money! And while the coveted “paid internship” is always a win-win for college students, an internship is about more than just money: It’s about opportunity.An internship is an opportunity to showcase your current skills and develop new ones that will impress future employers—think of it as a 90-day job interview! It can be so much more than a temporary job if you know what you want to get out of the experience. So how can you make the most of this opportunity? We talked to career experts and professionals who work with interns to get the scoop for you. Most important things to get out of your internship 1. Relationship building Building a good relationship with your manager or supervisor should be a top priority, says Sheena Frydrych, career services advisor at Rasmussen College’s Green Bay campus. They’re the ones you’ll be asking to write you a letter of recommendation or to be a reference for future job opportunities. Don’t forget about your coworkers, either, Frydrych says—it’s important to network with them because they’re likely to know about other opportunities in your field. Carol Queen works with interns every summer at the San Francisco-based Center for Sex & Culture. Even more important than her letter of recommendation, she says, is the networking interns do with others who work with their organization. “This is an opportunity to meet people whose books they may have read or who are doing work comparable to the work they dream of doing,” Queen says. “In my view it’s the most valuable thing we can offer them.” “The kiss of death for an intern is to sit in his …

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