The Cowgirls fight the Jaguars for the Win

Sports The 2014 women’s basketball team sits on the bench during a game. The Cowgirls are currently sitting at No. 2 in the Mountain West. (Photo taken from UW database)

In Round 2 of the WNIT the Wyoming Cowgirls meet the South
Alabama Jaguars. The Cowgirls are coming off a win against Northern Colorado on
Thursday March 21, 2019 with a score of 68 -60. The Jaguars played Lamar on Friday
March 22, 2019, they won by the skin of their teeth 73-71. This is an
interesting matchup as the teams have never played against each other. The
Cowgirls have a current record of 28-8 and 13-5 in the Mountain West. The
Jaguars record is 25-10 and 9-9 in the Sun Belt conference.

            The Cowgirls started the game off strong with an early 3 pointer by Karla Erjavec.  The Cowgirls were down and dirty on defense and shutting the Jaguars down the only time they were able to score was in a free-throw, until there, 7 minutes left did the Jaguars get some points from inside the paint. Bailee Cotton was a beast on defense, was not letting anything get to them, nor letting anyone else get the rebound if it wasn’t another Cowgirl. Not only was ,she a beast on the defense she was a beast on offence. She was attacking the basket and getting points for Cowgirls. The Cowgirls ended the first quarter strong. Quinn Weidemann, hit a 3 pointer with 28 seconds left to give the Cowgirls a 4 point lead the end of the quarter.

            The second quarter did not start off as the Cowgirls would have liked. Within two minutes of the quarter starting the Jaguars had taken the lead 21-20. The Jaguars went on a 5-0 run to bring the score to 25-20. The Cowgirls were struggling to find their shots and get them in the basket. The drought finally came to an end when Rachelle Tucker …

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