THE DOWNLOAD: A Sweet ‘News’ Ride

UC Davis News Feed

Kathleen Holder, a writer for the College of Letters and Science, tweeted about The California Aggie’s sweet new ride … er, news stand. For Holder, former editor of UC Davis Magazine, the image adds to her collection of California Aggie lore — having written about the history of the student newspaper for the magazine’s Fall 2006 issue.

Twitter: Tribute to cycling and upcycling!

@kmholder (Kathleen Holder): This @CaliforniaAggie newspaper stand by the #UCDavis MU got a clever makeover. Now that’s upcycling! [Click for link.]

Heavy lifting … for the governor?

The Aggie football team no doubt could have handled the job: moving the Brown family’s possessions out of the Governor’s Mansion last Friday (Jan. 4). But, while an Aggie football truck was parked out front, our football players didn’t do the moving. The truck belongs to Rancho Cordova-based Mother Lode Van & Storage, which uses this truck to haul equipment for Aggie football and, at other times, uses the truck for other clients, including Jerry Brown and Anne Gust, who trucked off to Colusa County. 

Twitter: Not that they couldn’t have done it, easily!

@UCDfootball: UC Davis football truck spotted moving the Governor out of the Governor Mansion! Photo by Peter Roney. [Click for link.]


Isabella Sanchez is among the students featured in magazine feature on laptop stickers.

Making personal computers more personal

This isn’t a “download,” strictly speaking, but it’s about computers! Students’ laptops, in particular, and the stickers on them. In this feature from the UC Davis Magazine website, we hear from students about how the stickers represent the students’ passions … and how the stickers help students tell their computers apart from others.

Instagram: Meet the winner of Study Abroad photo contest

@ucdavisabroad: Robert Dellinger, a marine science major, wins a $200 Amazon gift card for his photo, “Meet Francisca,” shown and described in this post. [ …

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