The millennial left’s dangerous disinterest in the Trump-Russia scandal

Opinion – The Aggie

Why pursuing Trump’s Russia connection is a crucial and pragmatic step in pursuing a progressive America

Anyone who cannot stand the fact that Donald Trump is president probably agrees that his greatest accomplishment has been catalyzing a powerful new counterwave of civic engagement among younger people.

This younger generation of progressive millennials is strongly motivated by views and values that sharply contrast with Trump’s, especially on topics like healthcare, the environment and social justice. It’s wonderful to see so many young people passionately engaging with these important problems. I’ve grown increasingly concerned, however, with the lack of interest and knowledge from people of my generation in the expansive investigation into Trump’s ties to the Russian Government. Or, as Trump referred to it in an interview in which he admitted to obstruction of justice (a crime) on live TV, “this Russia thing, with Trump and Russia.”

Over the last two years, I’ve observed equally-concerned commentators allude to this disinterest. Even more powerfully, I’ve had numerous encounters with friends who don’t even know basic information about the scandal, like who Robert Mueller is, the fact that actual crimes have been uncovered and the fact that the Russia story is NOT “that thing where Trump asked Stormy Daniels to pee on him,” as my friend once thought. Thus, I realized it would be a tall order to hope that they would understand the gravity of the House Intelligence Committee issuing subpoenas for over 80 individuals and organizations associated with Trump on March 4.

This disinterest in the Russia scandal is appalling because of what’s at stake. Determining whether Trump, his businesses and his campaign were or still are in a corrupt relationship with the Russian government, and whether one or all of those parties are in an ongoing effort to cover up that relationship, should take …

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