Three people, three perspectives on the 2016 election and Donald Trump

The Daily Orange – The Independent Student Newspaper of Syracuse, New York

WASHINGTON — Following an election cycle defined by divisiveness, Friday’s inauguration provided a clash of every type of voter and supporter. Below are the stories of three people at the inauguration who represent different sections of the United States electorate.
Moriah Ratner | Senior Staff Photographer
Samuel Squadrito
Squadrito and John Bartolomeo grew up in the North Side of Syracuse, near Pond Street. The two said both of their neighborhood homes have been boarded up since they left. The two decided to drive to Washington the day before the inauguration. Both supported Trump, but Squadrito said he voted for former President Barack Obama both times in the last two elections.
Squadrito on his election preference: 
“I was a Bernie Sanders, a Democrat, and after what Hillary did to him and whatever came out, I just couldn’t vote for her and mostly Benghazi and how she lied to our troops.”
“He said all this stuff about Clinton, you know, and he turns around and backs her on the election trail? I will never vote Democrat again. The Republicans, they won.”
Squadrito on Trump tweeting about saving manufacturing jobs: 
“Carrier was from Syracuse. Look at Carrier now in Syracuse. It’s a landfill. Did anybody ever come in in Syracuse and stop Carrier (from leaving)? … They had 2,000 jobs or more, all gone. Go take a picture of that. It’s a landfill.”
“We built cars, we built washers and driers, we built shoes. You name it, we did it there. Syracuse China. You name it, Chrysler, (General Motors), we had it all there. Now they’re all gone.”

Frankie Prijatel | Senior Staff Photographer
Jim McGrath
McGrath, a 75-year-old from Boston who lives in Washington, D.C., has been picketing with TENAC, a D.C. advocacy group for tenants. He’s the chairman of the group and had signs about Trump and his …

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