Time Management Tips for Students

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One of the most difficult challenges for college students can be learning to effectively manage time. Careful planning is required to complete coursework and still have time for work, family, and life’s other obligations. Rasmussen College Academic Dean Brooks Doherty shares three time management tips for students in this episode of Raise Your Hand.You can view this episode of Raise Your Hand and many more videos on the Rasmussen College YouTube channel. Transcript Hello, and welcome to Rasmussen College’s Raise Your Hand video blog. I’m Brooks Doherty. Today we’re going to be talking about time management tips for students. Time management, more specifically, energy management is critical for all students as they move toward their goals of graduation and career. Tip number one is avoiding distraction. It’s easy, I think, for all students to become distracted or derailed on their way to their goals. But in the 21st century, it may be easy, yes, for online students to find themselves distracted. You log into your class. While you should be studying or reading your lecture notes, even taking an exam, it’s very easy to crack open a new tab in your browser and find yourself in Facebook or some other time wasting game. Those are two hours that you could’ve spent studying or taking the exam. So, again, avoid distraction especially online learners. Tip number two, make a binder for all of your classes. This is something that more and more high school students are doing these days, and hopefully, they’re taking those skills with them to the college level, making sure they’re committed and prepared. The idea behind a binder for each one of your classes is organization. Make sure you know where all of your resources are so you’re spending your time reading, studying, doing your homework, as opposed to looking for the resources that you should …

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