Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017

OSU Today

Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs. Inclusion of any item constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique, but rather is intended only to make the OSU community aware of significant items in the media.
Disease ‘superspreaders’ accounted for nearly two-thirds of Ebola cases, study finds (Washington Post)
Researchers at Princeton University and Oregon State University conducted a retrospective analysis of the timing and location of 200 community burials between October 2014 and March 2015 in the urban areas around Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. (see also Cosmos, Daily Mail, Pharmacy Today)
Medicare spent $650M on one drug of questionable use: OHSU study (Portland Business Journal)
Medicare spent more than $650 million over a two-year period on a drug of questionable usefulness prescribed by fewer than 1 percent of physicians, according to new research from Oregon Health & Science University and the OHSU/Oregon State University School of Pharmacy.
Bruckner’s 8th: A journey… with tubas (Gazette-Times)
The Corvallis-OSU Symphony will perform Anton Bruckner’s 8th Symphony at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 22 at the La Sells Stewart Center at Oregon State University.
“Cassie” is set to revolutionize how robots walk (IFL Science)
Hopefully, Cassie will be able to change that. Looking like a mix between a chicken and an AT-ST Walker from Star Wars, this bipedal machine was developed by Agility Robotics, a robotics startup born out of Oregon State University.
Salish Blue: ‘Wheat-like grain’ that regrows annually could help limit soil erosion (Genetic Literacy Project)
[Salish Blue is] a perennial, wheat-like grain that adapts to wet weather, and it’s different from previous attempts because it’s genetically stable, says Oregon State University researcher Michael Flowers, who was not involved in the study.
Go drone racers, go! (Gazette-Times)

The drones buzz like angry bees as they whip around flags stuck into the …

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