TV journalist Don Lemon talks truth advocacy, shares advice in campus lecture

North Texas Daily Longtime TV journalist Don Lemon spoke to a crowd of several hundred people in the Auditorium Building Thursday about what drew him to his career, the importance of truth advocacy in journalism and offered attendees advice that he received along the way.Lemon was the final guest speaker in the Division of Student Affairs’ yearlong Distinguished Lecture Series.Lemon said that “right this very moment” is the most important time to be a journalist and that because of his job, he has “the most honest conversations about what’s happening in the country.”“It has never been more dangerous [to be a journalist],” Lemon said after acknowledging recent targeting and attacks on journalists around the world. “Yet still, as journalists, we rise.”Lemon, who previously visited UNT in 2013, noted that being one of the only people of color on primetime cable news came with challenges and responsibilities but said it was his job to “be the voice of reason” for the marginalized groups he represents.CNN Anchor Don Lemon praises a question by SGA President Muhammad Kara during his presentation of the UNT Distinguished Lecture Series on March 21 in the Auditorium Building. Image by: Trevon McWilliams.“A lot of people are not sure about what’s real and what’s true and they don’t know how to feel about it, so they come to me,” Lemon said. “It is my job to be an advocate for the truth — to point out racism, to point out sexism, to point out homophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, to point out the people demonizing immigrants. To help people is to arm them with the truth.”Lemon said he is “equipped to handle” the responsibilities he bears as a TV journalist because of “knowing [his] history” and an interest in the nature of the profession from a young age.“My particular calling was not as an …

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