Two Singapore Students First in a New Joint-Campus, Two-Continent Degree Program

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The two seniors from Embry-Riddle’s Asia Campus are spending the next year at the Daytona Beach Campus in flight training and ground school. They are the first two student–pilots from a new accelerated 13-month flight training program that allows students to fulfill academic requirements for their Bachelor’s in Aeronautics degree at the Singapore Campus and then spend their final year at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus.
After successful completion of the flight training and possession of a Commercial Pilot’s Certificate with instrument and multi-engine ratings, students return to Singapore to complete the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore licensing requirements and the opportunity for potential employment with Singapore Airlines or other airlines.
The new Flight Minor gives Embry-Riddle Asia students a unique, two-campus, hands-on study abroad experience while meeting the growing need for highly educated and experienced pilots, according to Dr. John R. Watret, Chancellor of Embry-Riddle Worldwide and Chairman of the Embry-Riddle Asia Board of Directors.

Benedict Lim, left, and Theodon David Teo, seniors from Embry-Riddle’s Asia Campus in Singapore, are taking flight training for a year at the Daytona Beach Campus as part of a new program with Embry-Riddle Worldwide. (Credit: Embry-Riddle/ Daniela Cabrera).

The Asia Pacific Region leads the worldwide growth demand for airline pilots, based on Boeing’s “Pilot Outlook 2017-2036” report, which estimates the need for 253,000 new pilots in the next 20 years. North America airlines are forecast to require 117,000 new pilots. Worldwide there will be an estimated need for almost 660,000 new commercial airline pilots over the next two decades.
When the Singapore students return home and meet the requirements to convert their U.S. commercial pilot’s certificate, they will have the advantage of having a license from both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, added Matthew Flaherty, executive director of enrollment and campus operations for Embry-Riddle’ …

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