UC College of Nursing recruiting MMI raters

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The University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Nursing is
recruiting raters for multiple mini interviews (MMI) used as part of the
admission process for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. MMIs are a
research-based interviewing process that identifies non-cognitive indicators
linked to specific desired attributes often seen in great students, great
nurses, great leaders and great employees. This process is also being used
in the Nurse Anesthesia Doctorate of Nursing Practice program, as well as in
several medical schools throughout the country, including the UC College of

No prior interviewing, nursing, or health care experience is
necessary to be a MMI rater but online training is required. Becoming a
MMI rater can provide skills that allow for personal and professional
growth. The online training takes up to 90 minutes and once completed
raters can participate in as few as one or as many as four circuits per
interview day. Raters will evaluate the same attribute for six to 10 candidates
in each circuit.

The College of Nursing is looking for raters to take part in
the MMI candidate interview process at Procter Hall on a variety of dates
starting in November and continuing into January. Click here
for more information.To get started, please see this instruction
sheet. At the end of the training, raters will be prompted to sign
up for the dates and times that work best for them. For additional information,
please contact Krista Maddox, assistant dean for student affairs of the College
of Nursing, at Krista.Maddox@uc.edu.

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