University Launches New Email Newsletter for Faculty, Staff

Campus Life – UConn Today

A new email newsletter “UConn At Work” that will be distributed monthly to faculty and staff at all campuses and UConn Health launches today.
UConn is a large and diverse institution with a total of nearly 10,000 faculty and staff, each of whom has a valuable contribution to make to the University.
The goal of the newsletter is to provide a valuable source of information and insight on important and new issues of special interest to all those who work at the University, such as human resources items, campus updates, and special university-wide events. It is intended to serve as a central location to share the visions and challenges that UConn faces each day.
The newsletter will also provide an opportunity for employees to say what matters to them: Each issue will include an “Ask A Husky” feature, where a campus leader will answer a topical question. Email with questions to be considered for this section. Feedback on “UConn At Work” is also welcome at
The resources of the Daily Digest and UConn Today will continue to be available.

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