Updated Cal Poly Pomona Emergency Plan Summary & Self Help Guide


The Office of Institutional Risk and Department of Emergency Management has updated the Emergency Plan Summary & Self Help Guide.
This guide is a condensed version of the Campus Emergency Operations Plan. All the basic elements for emergency management information are in the guide.
This all-hazard campus plan is designed to effectively coordinate the use of university and community resources, and to protect life and property immediately following a natural or manmade disaster on campus.
What is does the Emergency Plan Summary & Self Help Guide Cover?
General emergency operations and procedures for the campus.
When the plan should be activated in an emergency.
Information on the campus emergency notification systems.
Emergency procedures to utilize at home and on campus during an earthquake, explosion or fire.
A summary of the campus evacuation procedures and list of evacuation site locations.
Evacuation procedures for persons with access and functional needs.
Emergency contact information and links.
How does the Emergency Plan Summary and Self Help Guide affect me as an employee or student on campus?
The best way to prepare to respond to an emergency before it happens is to have a plan, be familiar with the contents of the plan and practice designated actions you must take to ensure your safety.
We have a new guide. Now what?
The emergency management department, within the Office of Institutional Risk, now is in the process of rolling out a multi-phased approach, as follows:
Training the campus, including students, faculty, staff and administrators on the campus Emergency Operation Plan and the Self Help Guide contents and how to better prepare for an emergency.
Conducting table top exercises with the campus, executives and administrators on how to coordinate and effectively respond in an emergency/catastrophic event.
Providing targeted training to our campus volunteer first responders (building marshals and floor captains) in search and rescue, triage/first aid and …

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