Vanderbilt Green Fund works to improve environmental sustainability on campus

Vanderbilt Hustler
This finals season, you may notice a change when you take exams: the regular blue books are being switched out for new green books. Last year, a student proposed that the school switch from the standard blue books to green books, which are made from 100 percent recycled paper. Green Fund, an initiative created to provide funding for student-proposed sustainability projects on campus, worked with the Vanderbilt Barnes and Noble to enact this change.
Green books are just one way that several Vanderbilt groups are working to increase environmental sustainability on campus. In 2011, Vanderbilt Student Government created the Green Fund, which is led by the Chair of the VSG Residential and Environmental Affairs Committee, the president of Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR) and a student designated by the president of Vanderbilt Student Government. Green Fund and the Residential and Environmental Affairs Committee are working to standardize recycling options on campus and increase sustainability. Patrick Timmins, Chair of the VSG Residential and Environmental Affairs Committee, says that often campus environmental groups like SPEAR and Vanderbilt Food Justice will work with the Green Fund to secure funding for their projects.
Funding was recently approved to build a green roof on Rand Dining Center to absorb rainwater, take stress off of the storm water drainage system and provide insulation to reduce heating costs. An impervious section of the roof will be covered in a layer of light soil with specifically chosen plants that won’t grow large foliage or deep roots.
The Green Fund is also looking to increase recycling on Greek Row. A persistent issue has been a lack of adequate recycling receptacles. To alleviate this problem, the Green Fund purchased a large recycling receptacle that will be installed by second semester of this academic year. To encourage recycling within houses on Greek Row, Green Fund wants to introduce trash cans …

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