Video challenges approved in women’s volleyball


A video review system to challenge calls in women’s volleyball will be in place when the 2016 season begins.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which met via conference call Thursday, approved the proposed challenge review system as a rule in the sport for schools and conferences that choose to implement it.

Similar to other sports that currently use video reviews, the use of the challenge review system rule will be optional and is not required for competition. The rules do not define the camera type or the number of cameras that should be used, or where the location of the cameras should be.

The challenge review system was used on an experimental basis by the Big Ten and Big 12 conferences during the 2015 season. After the season, all coaches who experimented with the rule indicated that they were in favor of the challenge review system becoming a permanent rule.

The Divisions I, II and III Women’s Volleyball Committees will decide how the challenge review system will be implemented during each division’s women’s volleyball championship.

The protocol for the proposed rules change is as follows:

• Each team will have three challenges per match. Challenges are not tied to timeouts.
• Only the team that lost the rally will be able to challenge. If the call is reversed, the team that lost the review will be able to challenge another aspect of the point. Each team will be limited to one challenge per rally.
• A coach will need to make the challenge before the referee extends his arm for service to begin the next point.
• There must be indisputable video evidence for the official to change the original call. Coaches will be allowed to challenge the following plays:
• Net faults: players contacting the net/antenna.
• Player touching the ball: four hits/blocker/defensive player.
• Whether a ball was in or …

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