VIDEO: First 2019 SGA President and Vice President Debate

NEWS – The Parthenon

Annual pop culture convention HerdCon to begin SaturdayStudents create Bob Ross-inspired art at campus eventStudents created works of art inspired by artist Bob Ross Wednesday night, during a painting event hosted by the Marshall University Chi Alpha Christi…Ultimate Dance Legacy provides variety of classes to localsSome people say to follow your dreams, and that is precisely what Laura Phillips did. The owner, director and teacher of Ultimate Dance Legacy (UDL) i…Marshall Collegiate Cyber Defense Club teaches defense securityMarshall University’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Club (CCDC) is not making computer hackers, but is hacking its way to the top by teaching defense sec…Intercultural Hispanic Organization celebrates, brings attention to Hispanic cultureMarshall University’s Intercultural Hispanic Organization allows individuals who are interested in the Hispanic culture or Spanish language to parti…

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