Winners of 2019 Excellence in Teaching Awards

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Peter Kilpatrick, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, is very pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s faculty teaching awards:
John W. Rowe Excellence in Teaching Award: Professor Michael Young
Michael Young, professor and chair of the department of psychology, joined the Illinois Tech faculty in 1996 as a professor in the clinical psychology program. Over two terms, for a total of 15 years, he served as the director of clinical training for the doctoral program before taking on the duties of department chair three years ago. Through designing this program’s curriculum and delivery for many years, Young has effectively taught nearly all doctoral students who have graduated from our program.
Young sets high standards for his students, but is supportive of them accomplishing their goals. He is patient and treats his students with respect. He has a good sense of humor, which the students appreciate, and knows how to use it as a way to alleviate student stress. Young is known for his knowledge of methodology and statistics, and has become the resident expert when it comes to sophisticated analyses—not only for his students, but also for all students in the program.
In the classroom, he uses a guided discovery approach, in which he first imparts new information based on his expertise and experience, and then guides the students to deepen their knowledge of the topic through questioning and discussion. He also challenges them to think about a topic more deeply while tailoring the material and discussion to their stage of the learning process.
For his influence as a training director, instructor, and mentor, Young is recognized as an outstanding contributor to the psychology program.
Bauer Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award: Senior Lecturer Promila Dhar
Promila Dhar joined the biomedical engineering department at Illinois Tech as a researcher and teaching lab coordinator in 2005, was …

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