WMU health professor wins award

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Robert Bensley, a health professor at WMU, has received the 2017 Society for Public Health Education Technology award. Bensley achieved this due to a website he created which aims to help people with many different health problems.


The award winner is decided by the Society for Public Health Education. The group bases their decision on what individuals have created technology systems to expand public health.


Wanting to help other people with the many health problems in the world is the driving force behind Bensley’s decision to pursue a health career, he said.


“I’m honored. I think it’s great to be recognized in this way,” Bensley said about receiving the award.


SOPHE only chooses one individual each year to receive this award.


Bensley was chosen this year because of his website, WIChealth.org. An example of a health program on his website is women and infant feeding programs, but that is far from the only program.


“We’re able to reach a lot of people through the internet,” Bensley said.


Thirty of the 50 United States are involved in the website, and 3.8 million clients have completed one of Bensley’s programs on the website.


The platform that WIChealth.org uses is patent pending. Bensley and his workers use the platform to attack many health problems facing the world today.


When the Flint water crisis hit Michigan, they developed a plan to help consumers decrease lead exposure through the food that they eat, Bensley said. WIChealth.org can apply their technology of health solutions through programs to address different health problems that arise.


“This is going to be even more critical now,” Bensley said, addressing the problem of the current changing healthcare system.

The website can also provide health suggestions and programs to help people who do not have health insurance.


Bensley will receive the Society for Public Health Education Technology …

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