Young players impress in annual spring game

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Mississippi State played their annual Maroon-White spring football game  on Saturday and showcased the 2016 version of MSU football. The Maroon team topped the White team, outscoring them 34-21. 
Going into the game, many were hoping to get a clearer picture of the quarterback battle between Nick Fitzgerald, Elijah Staley, Damien Williams and Nick Tiano. However, no QB stood out, and the picture is still unclear. 
Williams and Fitzgerald led the White team. Williams led all QBs, going 14 for 20 passing and threw 165 passing yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Fitzgerald, who many considered the favorite for the starting job, had less success. He completed 10 of 20 passes and had 127 yards with one touchdown but also threw two interceptions. 
Tiano and Staley were the quarterbacks for the Maroon team. Tiano had a break-out game and surprised many with his play. He went 8 of 13 passing for 99 yards and one touchdown while throwing one interception. He also ran the ball 10 times for 76 yards. Staley had the worst day of the four quarterbacks, going 5 for 11 passing  for 48 yards. He threw no touchdowns and no interceptions. 
Head Coach Dan Mullen, who coached quarterbacks Tim Tebow, Alex Smith and Dak Prescott, gave his opinon on the quarterback battle after the game. 
“To me it’s about consistency of play,” said Mullen. “Some would do great on one day and be kind of average on the next day, and someone else will stand out the next day. They were all pretty even coming out of spring.”
However, like many spring games, a few younger players stepped up and made their names known. On offense it was running back Nick Gibson, who had 14 rushes for 79 yards and one touchdown for the Maroon squad. Matching Gibson was running back Alec Murphy who led the White squad with eight rushes for 45 yards.
 On defense, the standouts were freshman linebacker Leo Lewis …

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