Shoe Setback Doesn’t Derail Gillick at National Championships

Humboldt State University Athletics

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Results (HTML)EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Tatiana Gillick has faced hurdles throughout the season, but when adversity struck again Saturday, she just kicked off her shoe and kept running.Just 400 meters into Saturday’s NCAA Cross Country National Championships a fellow runner stepped on Gillick’s shoe and pulled it loose. The Flagstaff, Ariz., native continued the race as the shoe came off and halfway through the first loop she left it on the course and continued the run. She finished in 79th place out of 247 runners.Despite completing the 6k race with just one shoe, Gillick crossed the finish line in 22:17.7.”She got out in the position we had talked about and despite losing her shoe, she was actually still on target halfway through the race,” said Head Distance Coach Jamey Harris. “It’s hard to say where she would have finished with better luck, but I’m very happy with the way she performed under some difficult circumstances.””I think she performed well,” said Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach Sarah Ingram. “Overall, I am satisfied with the way she placed. I think running without the shoe had an impact on her, I don’t know how big, but I feel like it definitely slowed her down. It was something that was unlucky, and there is nothing she could have done differently to avoid that happening.”Gillick is no stranger to adversity as she began the season in a boot, suffered a shoulder injury and even fell during the California Collegiate Athletic Association championship meet.”This probably didn’t phase her as much as it would a less experienced athlete,” said Ingram. “She just rolled with the punches. She is tough, and she kept a level head.”Saturday’s result may not have been what Gillick and the coaching staff were looking for, but the junior gained valuable experience she can use in pursuit …

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